Campbell Senior Music Tour 2018


The Campbell Senior Music Ensembles have been invited to participate in the internationally acclaimed Disney Performing Arts Festival in Anaheim, California!  Performance tours are essential educational elements of the Campbell Music Department.   All members of the Grade 11/12 Band, Senior Voices, Chamber Choir, Wind Ensemble, Campbell Jazz 1 and Vocal Jazz 1 are expected to be part of “the team” on this excursion.  This will be a valuable and rewarding experience for all involved.  



Thursday, April 12 - Tuesday, April 17, 2018.   



Bus Tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Supper and visit to Santa Monica Pier

Performing Arts Festival Performances in Disneyland!

Clinics and Master Classes in Disney Sound Studios

Performances and Clinics at the University of Southern California

Performances at the world famous Hollywood Bowl!

Performances in Hermosa Beach!

Performances and Workshops at Disneyland!



The Disney Performing Arts Festival is an invitational festival that provides a professional setting for top performing ensembles from across North America, Europe and Asia. The Festival is a showcase of outstanding ensembles who then receive world class workshops with Disney professionals who work in the Performing Arts Industry.  This invitation only festival accepts ensembles that reflect this professionalism in every aspect of their performance!



Performances – Campbell Jazz 1, Vocal Jazz 1, Gr. 11/12 Band, Sr. Voices, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Choir

All of Campbell’s senior performing ensembles were accorded invitations to perform and will do so on stage in Disneyland at separate times.  This opportunity was granted through a stringent audition process begun in the 2016-2017 school year.

Soundtrack Session - Band and Jazz Band

Students will step into a Disney recording studio and take part in a film recording session. 

By sight-reading music and using a click track, groups bring life to the score for Disney animated segments.

The workshop concludes with a viewing of the student-recording tracks combined with each animated segment. 

Soundtrack Session - Choir

A Disney musical director treats the students like professional studio musicians hired to overdub a Disney Production. Using a click track and sight-reading skills, students bring to life a score for a Disneyland Resort Show, or Disney animated segment. 

Tune-In Seminar - Building a Better Musician- All Musicians!

Students learn the integral role that music plays at the Disneyland Resort, in Disney film and in our world. 

Interactive exercises and Disney film moments are used to test students’ knowledge of the basic building blocks of music.

Students will be challenged to learn “listening tips” including origins of their favorite music. They’ll discover practical ways to improve future performances.

3 day Park-Hopper Pass

When students are not performing or in studio sessions, they will have the opportunity to explore the rides and attractions of the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.



We are planning to travel by air to Los Angeles on WestJet Airlines.  While in California we will be using a local coach bus company.



ALL air traveler’s to the USA must have a valid passport.  The best way to acquire a passport is to fill out the on-line application or pick one up from a Canada Post Outlet or the Regina Passport Office.  As we are planning to pre-clear all participants through US Customs as a group, we will need to collect photocopies of each participant’s passport no later than October 16, 2017.


Please do not mail the passport application!  After completing the application and following all of the directions, take the application in person to the local passport office!  Allow at least two weeks for processing!

The Regina passport office is located at:  Suite 500,1870 Albert Street. 

The following is the link to the Passport Canada Website:

Government of Canada - Canadian Passport Information and Application



We will be staying at the Candy Cane Inn in Anaheim, which is within walking distance to the Main Gate of Disneyland.



All breakfasts are provided by the hotel.  Students will be responsible for all other meals with the exception of two suppers which are included in the tour fee.



In order to provide this opportunity and keep costs down for individual students, it is important that every member of the Campbell Music Family support the CAMPA group and individual fundraisers in some way.  Please check for fundraising events posted on the CAMPA website:



Working at CAMPA bingos is a great individual fundraiser that benefits every Campbell Music family directly.  Please contact the CAMPA Bingo Coordinator, Maureen Pennington, at if you are interested in earning money at upcoming bingos!  Each person earns $50 toward their TRP fundraising account. Therefore, if you have 4 people working one bingo for you, you can earn $200 toward your fundraising account in one bingo evening!  If you currently have funds in your family’s TRP account, you will have received a statement during September 2017.  All bingos are held at Centennial Bingo (2311 2nd Avenue) and the upcoming bingo dates are listed below.  Additional dates will become available throughout the year.

September 30 – 5:00pm

October 18 – 5:30pm

October 29 – 5:00pm

November 12 – 5:00pm

November 20 – 5:30pm



Please consider using the Corporate Donation Letter as a way to help raise money for the tour in order to keep the overall costs for everyone down.  If you need more copies of the Corporate Letter, please download it off the CAMPA website.



The Tour Permission form asks for any information regarding medical and/or dietary concerns.  Please ensure that you complete this information in full. 



A detailed itinerary will be provided to students prior to the trip.  This itinerary will include specific information about the activities and performances planned for each day plus contact information for the parents.  Specific information regarding what to bring, and behavioural expectations will also be outlined at that time. Students will be expected to follow their itinerary very carefully!



The approximate total cost includes:

Round-trip Airfare to Los Angeles, California from Regina

All Accommodation while in Anaheim

All Coach Busing in California

All Disney Performing Arts Fees

3 day Disneyland Park-Hopper Pass

All Sight-seeing Activities

All breakfasts and two suppers while in California

Chaperone Costs

Approximate total cost (after CAMPA subsidy): $1950/student. 

Please note: CAMPA is providing a significant subsidy for this tour. The approximate cost is dependent on group air fares to the US as well as the fluctuating Canadian Dollar.  We are working very hard to secure the best airfares and other rates in order to keep the overall cost down/student. Thanks for your understanding.



To make the accounting process more manageable for CAMPA and to ensure that tour expenses are paid to our suppliers on time, CAMPA is requesting online payments on the dates noted below.  If you are unable to make online payments please contact to make alternate arrangements.


Important Please Note: 

When paying online – please submit the hard copy of the permission form, a copy of your child’s passport, and participation contract to the Campbell Music Office by Monday, October 16, 2017.


Payment Schedule Online Payments can be made at


Permission Form    and    Non-Refundable Deposit   -   $300          Due October 16, 2017  

Online Payment #2   -   $550                                                                  Due December 8, 2017 

Online Payment #3   -   $550                                                                  Due February 2, 2018    

Online Payment #4   -   $550                                                                  Due March 8, 2018