CAMPA was formed several years ago by parents of students in the Campbell Collegiate music program. The organization is a Registered Nonprofit Charity, operated by a Board of Directors elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting.  Families with students in the music program are automatically members of CAMPA.


CAMPA Mission Statement

The Campbell Area Music Parents Association (CAMPA) is a positive advocate committed to the students and music staff in their pursuit of excellence in music.

CAMPA is committed to a high quality music program in Campbell and the area schools, one that nurtures the understanding and appreciation of music as a life-long experience.

CAMPA’s purpose is to provide support for the music program through both financial and administrative assistance. Our goal is to enrich the music program while working in cooperation with the Regina Board of Education.

CAMPA also encourages and facilitates broad community involvement in the Campbell Area Music Program and the participation of the Campbell music community in the cultural life of Regina and beyond.

CAMPA sponsors many clinics with excellent musicians and teachers for both the band and choir programs. Each year we host local musicians and clinicians from as far as Vancouver and Montreal to work with the individual groups. Your child will be exposed to some of the best school music education in Canada!


CAMPA Board of Directors

Campbell Area Music Parents Association (CAMPA)

President -  Joanne Michael

Vice President - Carolyn Lindblad

Treasurer - Donna Demong

Secretary/Database/TRP's - Sherri Fowler

Communications Chair - Ken MacTaggart

Uniforms Chair - Lynette Farquhar, Linda McLellan

Bingo Coordinator - Maureen Pennington

Teacher Representatives - Deidre Baird, Russ Baird, Scott Peters

Fundraising Chair -  Robin Anderson

Volunteers - Shari Powers Website - Darcie Orth

Email/ Campbell Website - Interim Ken McTaggart

Swing into Spring - Silent Auction - Lynette Farquhar


CAMPA Communications

The Campbell Area Music Parent's Association strives to keep all parents informed of policies, decisions and the events being planned. This communication is done through various channels:


CAMPA meetings are held monthly (every 2nd Tuesday if possible) and everyone is welcome to attend.   This is a great way to learn about CAMPA and meet other families involved in the program. All meetings are held in the West Teacher's Lounge . If you wish to be  informed of CAMPA meeting dates please contact CAMPA by email Upcoming Meetings for 2017-2018: Nov 14 at 7 pm, Dec 5 at 7 pm, Jan 9 at 7 pm, Feb 13 at 7:30 pm, Mar 6 at 7:30 pm, Apr 10 at 7:30, May 8 at 7:30, Jun 5 at 7:30 pm.


The newsletter come out 3-4 times during the course of the school year. It is meant to provide information on many levels, give a glimpse of what is "happening" in all the students' worlds of music in the Campbell Area program, to give instruction , to encourage students and parents and to have fun.


The and Cambell Collegiate School Music page provide current information on CAMPA activities.


A database is used in conjunction with a volume email program to send out timely information on CAMPA and Cambell Collegiate School Music activities.


 If you have any ideas for new content or have an issue with the information posted, please contact CAMPA by email



There are many ways to contribute to CAMPA and to your children's musical education, please contact CAMPA by email become involved!

 or by mail here:


c/o Music Department

Campbell Collegiate

102 Massey Rd.

Regina, SK

S4S 4M9