Campbell Band 9/Choral 9 Music Tour 2018

The Campbell Grade 9 Music Ensembles will be traveling to Red Deer and Drumheller, Alberta to perform at various schools, participate in workshops, and perform at public venues. Performance tours are essential educational elements of the Campbell Music Department.   All members of the above ensembles are expected to be part of “the team” on this excursion.  This will be a valuable and rewarding experience for all involved. 



Thursday, May 3 - Saturday, May 5, 2018



Performances at local schools and public venues in Red Deer

Clinics with internationally recognized choral and band clinicians at Red Deer College

Tour of the world-renowned Tyrell Museum in Drumheller!


We are planning to travel by Moose Mountain Coach Buses


We will be staying at a local hotel in Red Deer.


The hotel will provide breakfast.  Hot and cold items are available.  Group suppers will be included in the over-all cost.  Students will be responsible for all lunches and for food while enroute to and from Red Deer on the buses.


The approximate total cost for this trip including accommodation, sightseeing activities, breakfast and group suppers in Red Deer will be $200/student after the CAMPA subsidy.  Note that CAMPA is providing a substantial subsidy to lower the tour fees for all participating students.   


In order to provide this opportunity and keep costs down for individual students, it is important that every member of the Campbell Music Family support the CAMPA group and individual fundraisers in some way. Please check for fundraising events posted on the CAMPA website:


Working at CAMPA bingos is a great individual fundraiser that benefits every Campbell Music family directly.  Please contact the CAMPA Bingo Coordinator, Maureen Pennington, at if you are interested in earning money at upcoming bingos!  Each person earns $50 toward their TRP fundraising account. Therefore, if you have 4 people working one bingo for you, you can earn $200 toward your fundraising account in one bingo evening!  If you currently have funds in your family’s TRP account, you will have received a statement during September 2017.  All bingos are held at Centennial Bingo (2311 2nd Avenue) and the upcoming bingo dates are listed below.  Additional dates will become available throughout the year.

September 30 – 5:00pm                    November 12 – 5:00pm

October 18 – 5:30pm                          November 20 – 5:30pm

October 29 – 5:00pm


The Tour Permission form asks for any information regarding medical and/or dietary concerns.  Please ensure that you complete this information in full.


A detailed itinerary will be provided to students prior to the trip. This itinerary will include specific information about the activities and performances planned for each day plus contact for the parents.  Students will be expected to follow their itinerary very carefully!


To make the accounting process more manageable for CAMPA and to ensure that tour expenses are paid to our suppliers on time, CAMPA is requesting on line payments on the dates noted below.  If you are unable to make online payments please contact to make alternate arrangements.


Important Please Note: 

When paying online – please submit the hard copy of the attached permission form to the Campbell Music Office by Friday, January 12, 2018.


Payment Schedule                  

On-line Payments can be made at

Permission Form   and   Non-Refundable Deposit  -  $75           Due Jan 12, 2018

Online Payment #2  -  $125                                                         Due Mar 16, 2018