Sobeys / Safeway Gift Card Fundraiser - Fall 2017


CAMPA is pleased to offer ....



This fundraiser is applied at 100% credit to your TRP account. The percentage of the credit depends on the total amount of gift cards that CAMPA families sell.

$500 to $1999 - 2%

$2000 to $3999 - 4% 

$4000 to $9999 - 6%

$10000 and over - 8%

Everyone needs groceries so this is a great opportunity to improve your TRP balance by simply buying groceries! 

 Here's how it works:

  1. Collect orders from family, friends and people at work
  2. Accumulate your orders and cheques made out to CAMPA (NO CASH PLEASE) and get them to CAMPBELL. (Mr. Baird, Mrs. Baird, Mr. Peters or the CAMPA mail slot in the music hallway) no later than noon Friday, December 8, 2017
  3. Orders will be ready for pickup at CAMPBELL. You will be notified with the specific details.
  4. CAMPA will let you know how much is being added to your TRP account as a result of this Sobey's Gift Card Fundraiser.

No late orders will be accepted to ensure delivery for the holidays!

 Links for Sobey's fundraiser (pdf's):  instructions and order form

 Please contact Diana Kardash at with any questions.