Mom's Pantry - Fall 2019

The 2019 Mom’s Pantry fundraiser is now closed.

Thank-you to everyone who ordered.



Mom’s Pantry offers a diverse, wholesome product range that is sure to offer something for everyone. Profits from this group fundraiser subsidize clinics, trips and equipment for ALL CAMPA students.

Our most important partner in achieving our fundraising goal is YOU - everyone is encouraged to participate.

Orders can be collected from friends, neighbours and relatives. Consider taking orders at your place of employment, social or sports clubs.

You can view products and order online immediately.  Catalogues will also be available at the October 22 and 23 concerts.

CAMPA receives 20% - 40% profit on all orders.


The fundraiser is running from October 21 through November 8, 2019.
Order online at!
Order Number: 298590
Group Passcode: 37160
Seller's Name: Your family name

 If you cannot order online, you can use the paper forms.
Please follow these directions:

  • Ensure that the BUYER & SELLER name and phone number is written clearly on the front of the order form.
  • As a CAMPA family, you are the "seller." 
  • Please add your email address to the form for pick up notification.
  • Payment for each individual order can be made by cheque (payable to CAMPA).
  • Completed order forms and cheques are to be dropped off in the mail slot in the music hallway by November 8; late orders cannot be accommodated.

CAMPA will notify sellers when the products are available for pick up - approximately 2 weeks from the order date.